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Ice Glitz glamorous entertainment on ice worldwide all year round in any location. Indoor, outdoor, on roof terraces, by the beach or for corporate events. Have you thought about an ice event? The location possibilities are endless!  

Definitely consider Ice Glitz for Christmas parties, New Years Eve parties, Valentine events, Easter events, Corporate events.

What could be more perfect for corporate Valentine and Easter parties than a glamorous synthetic ice skating show!! “Ice Glitz“. All year round and in any location. Indoor, outdoor, on roof terraces. Ideal for your event.

Ice Glitz Productions UK Europe

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You could be receiving one of the following (or similar) when you book this act. 

  1. “When at last Harriet saw what her present was she hugged the boots and skates to her and almost sang. “My own white boots and skates. Proper white boots!” “
  2. “On Cassie’s seventh birthday she made a new friend, Stella Starkeeper. Stella lives in the sky and uses the magic of the twinkling stars to make wishes come true!”

Ice Glitz Ice Glitz

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