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Jens Jensen

with the elegance of flying silks combined with the power and grace of the cube as element sets these performance – over the audience heads – as a highlight of each event!

Acrobatic skills personify with modern art, LED lights and mystic silhouettes offers the new dimension of presenting entertainment, which is adaptable to the single client! Head-high pyramid melding with laser highlights and acrobatically power and action combined in a modern show offers new possibilities for product-related representations. Jens Jensen Aerial Cube & Silk Show.


Jens Jensen Aerial Cube & Silk show (AERIAL ACT):

An individual solid hanging point is sufficient (bars, heels, cross beam…)

The minimum/maximum stress point has to be app. 150/200kp.

Minimum height should be app. 6m (measurable from stage/optimum 8m).

Minimum 4 x 4 m space liberty on stage (optimum 5x5m).
Power connection for engine/hoist is 16Ã/380V – 5 Pole (3 face).

The Lighting Cube show (GROUND ACT):

Minimum 5 x 5m space liberty.
Minimum 4,70m height (measurable from stage).
Stage have to be clean and not slippery (Special stage is not necessary!)

PYRA – the Laser Pyramid show (GROUND ACT):

Minimum 5 x 5m space liberty.

Minimum 4,20m height (measurable from stage).

Smoke machine(s) are required for laser highlights.

Stage have to be clean and not slippery (Special stage is not necessary!).

Lift/letter and other implements/tools for the rigging, as well as extension cable have to be provided by the client if necessary! Other negotiation are subject of the contract and must be drawn up in writing!

Changes in the technical rider are reserved; dependent on inquiry!

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