Whats On where you are? We will advertise your event promotions on this page and our Event Suppliers social networking sites. Have you attended any of the events where our artistes have appeared? Are you a festival-goer? Perhaps you’d like to tell us about a theatre show you’ve enjoyed. Use the CONTACT US page to send in the details securely.

We’re also happy to take suggestions for venues. All events or venues – anywhere. Let us know what’s happening in your area. Under normal conditions there are many other events happening at private locations but in the present climate of Covid-19 we are unable to promote any events that do not adhere to the government’s guide lines. Virtual events are being organised online for example on Facebook. Please keep focussed on the latest government COVID updates.

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What's On

Kerri and Emma crowd-funded to raise £500 to help and support the work of Macclesfield Pride.

If you’d like to support them you may still be able donate online to Pride On The Drive.

Red Mick the Mick Hucknall tribute based in South Wales will hopefully be back at Shan’s Bar in Bristol later in the year (Covid-19 permitting).

Saturday July 10th 2021 and Saturday December 3rd 2021 are the anticipated dates. We look forward to Shan’s Bar updates as and when.

Please support the artistes and respect the government’s guidance on a daily basis. We all thank you for your support and wish you and your families a safe journey through this present health crisis. You could also recommend a venue to us or let us know when you’re hosting a ‘live’ event on Facebook so we can link to it. If you have an event booked in with us please send us your updates asap especially if your event will need to be cancelled or postponed.

Enquiries are welcome on the secure contact form #StaySafe #BeNice 


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